Dear reader,

I’m here writing an explanation as to why, for now, I guess the story of HH & W is at an end, at least for now.

To cut a long story short, since being told I have Asperger’s Syndrome I’ve stopped trying to make sense of other people and finally started to accept that it’s OK to live life alone. I had to stop trying to understand other people, HH included, because the intensity of the confusion and doubt I felt from doing so was agony. It drove everyone away and for the longest time I couldn’t stand to be alive, clinging onto the hope that things would get better but struggling to believe it.

HH saw all that, I guess, and it’s not surprising that he finally decided to stop trying to understand me too.

Some day, maybe, I’ll find a way back to HH. But I don’t know who exactly I’ll find there and I don’t know if we aren’t better off this way. I’m finally happy being me, warts and all, and finally not knowing doesn’t hurt anymore. I love HH like a brother for bringing out the best in me for so long, and right now that’s good enough. I won’t be writing this blog anymore because I want to accept the way things are and move on. The future’s calling and it waits for no one.

These might be the last words you ever here from me because every good story needs an ending, however, and I really enjoyed this one. I owe HH that much at least.

So long, dear friend, and thanks for all the fish.




  1. Beth

    Hi Womble,
    I know that HH loves you and I love you too. I read your posts and I hear HH talk about you and I feel like I know you too. We might not always understand you but we’ll never stop trying. While it’s completely okay for you to live your life alone, please never feel like you are forced to. We are here for you, and I’m sure many other people are too (including your blog-reading fans!).
    Thanks for all the fish!
    Your friend,
    Beth x

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