Lost in Space

“Let’s wake up…the Majestic.”


I found myself in a space ship /slash/ shopping centre, a huge spherical chamber, akin to standing inside a hollow moon. On regular levels were shops arranged in rings all the way around the circumference’s edge, each level wider in the middle and narrower further up or down. Each floor ran around and looked out onto the middle of the chamber which was empty, a huge spherical space matching the contours of the chamber, smaller than the shell encasing it. There was nothing in it, only a view to the very bottom level that resembled little more than slums. As I watched from somewhere around the middle level, a pair of double doors opened off to my right. A circular platform floated out into the chamber and hovered in the centre air, bobbing slightly on the anti-grav engine. The platform was occupied by a young, Earth-based male. He was hatted, blonde with smatterings of facial hair, had about him a whiff of the substance abuser –pot/kettle, I know – and looked absolutely terrified. He was the only human in view. I forced my way to the front of a crowd packed with squat, bulbous-headed, grey skinned aliens. All of their eyes were fixed solely on the human. Nobody paid me any mind as I leaned on the rail. With the crowd, I waited for whatever I would be seeing more than once.

I was not left waiting long nor disappointed.

Some form of politics followed. A patron of power overlooking from an extended balcony above, an emperor judging by the staff and cape, laid out a challenge and the human accepted. I don’t recall the details, I was distracted by a klaxon blaring elsewhere. I, led by the crowd, looked down. On the bottom floor stood a silo sticking out of the floor. Two rounded segments split open like a metal eye, serving as a lid to the containers and revealing the pitch-black dark. It looked large enough to contain either a great number of things or one gigantic one.

The crowd looked up again. I followed their lead, at a white and blue pod descending from the ceiling. The blue middle section turned out to be a force field which shimmered away when the pod came to a halt. There sat within an alien race I didn’t recognise, another to add to the list. Unknowing was everywhere. I had no idea where I was, what I was doing, what was about to happen, why, nor whose company I was sharing. All of that paled into insignificance when the alien moved out of his pod, opened his mouth and started to sing.

Everyone watched the human except for me and I can confidently count my future selves among that. I watched enraptured, unblinking, a new fraction of my love and obsession already being prepared, making plans to store this song in the memory banks of my Favourites.  Without effort or thought, the definitive act of falling in love, I became devoted to a song that only has 121 words and ten lines, with me grinning by the end of the first one.

The point and pinnacle to this story, however, came at the end of the eighth line. There came a pause and a guitar chord sliced through a short silence the lyrics had left behind. My blood had already been buzzing but to the solo it was like ice through my veins. My eyes were wide and mind even more so, putting my own conjured images to match the power of it all. It was worthy to mark the coming of a hero, in a dire time of desperate need. It was capable of leading an overwhelmed army to their greatest victory. It was enough to change the young human’s life forever. In short, the song was another difficult thing to find in this limitless universe. It was hope. Hope to overcome improbable and unforgiving odds. Hope to find my friend again.

Well, once I’d seen it another five times, of course, pausing only once to swear at the lucky bastard about to watch it for the first time. When I returned to Odyssey after trip six, the solo in its entirety still ringing in my ears, I did a quick bit of research. The song was called Majestic, a creation from an Earth band named ‘Wax Fang’. Sure enough, by way of an improbability capable of fuelling the Heart of Gold for days, Earth had pulled through and given me my song in an interstellar space mall, billions of systems away from its Terran origins.

I could go one better, though. Now the whole damn universe was going to hear it.

If I may, Wax Fang, this one’s for you.


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