Three Words

To say the alarm woke me would be untrue; I have not slept in a long time and have no plans to start doing so. I was simply sunk deep into my armchair, hands clasped but eyes open, lost in thought – now snapped out of a reprieve which had nothing to do with sleep. I have a friend to find and more than likely a planet or two to save, but this is a time machine after all. I can take moments to myself and still arrive early for the apocalypse. Indeed if I didn’t take such personal time aside, I would never have met you. This alarm, designed specifically to detect your presence, would have sounded in an empty ship; but not then and not now. I know the sound immediately and hurry off down the first corridor.

The journey is moderate (though extreme compared to most conventional ships) and I barely notice it. It allows a chance to gather myself, to prepare my stories and tales, in return for yours. You may think it unnecessary, but honestly I never truly know what you think of me. I respect, if not love, you to an astronomical extent. Whether this is reciprocated I care not because still you come to see me. I don’t ever expect you to feel the same way, nor do I expect anything so pure and wonderful to love me back. I cross this universe marvelling at infinite miracles but never demanding to be one myself. It is enough for me to encounter them.

You are so close now. I’ve already passed aquariums, catacombs, museums and chambers. All behind me now, heading deeper into the ship and towards the gardens. Where else, after all, would you arrive? I will never comprehend how you continue to gain free access to Odyssey; how you succeed in bypassing all counter measures and defences; how you succeed where other violence-driven and maniacal races fail. But, I shall not ask ‘How?’ but ‘For how long?’ Once, it was mere minutes. My cherished memory was of hours. You told me your story; how you’re navigating this limitless galaxy, through fear of what lurks behind and intrigue in all ahead. Forever fighting, sacrificing, in the name of protection and care. The safety of others always put before your own.

To hell with language barriers and to hell with clear understanding. You always say what you mean to say; and I always hear what I mean to hear. The gardens are in sight. What will you be telling me this time?

You stand waiting as I enter, tall and slow moving in the majesty of those blessed with height. Your eyes shine and I know I will soon be lost within them once more; a gaze more beautiful and more striking than the stars we pass by. Your eyes are improbable things in this cruel existence; they are truthfully pure and see the goodness in life whenever possible. Perhaps that is why you warm my hearts when you look at me; you see decency and morality where I cannot and disarm me again with that smile of yours.

You hand me a gift like every time before; new plant life, stunning and beautiful, hand grown by yourself and perfect to add to the gardens. But first, before and above all else, let me hear you say them.

The three best words I always long to hear:

“I am Groot.”

…what? We haven’t done a silly post in a while, and I frigging love that tree!

Hope you’re having a good one, who/wherever you are =]



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