“Do YoU WAnt to EaT mE?”

“Alice? What are you doing-”

“Oh? And who might that be? I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, really. How sweet…is that small talk, or-?”

“Ok, I get it, clearly not ALICE. Who are you? It sounds-”

“-like you’re forgetting things. Not bad. Not good, either. Somewhat pathetic, in my opinion, as you aught to well know.”

“I should? Wait…so it’s done? You found…him.”

“I did indeed. Mission accomplished- or whatever you want to call it. Debt repaid, life fulfilled, wish granted, happy endings all round.”

“Har har. Sure it’s you?”

“The light doesn’t suit you, Midas. It’s made you dull.”


…now there’s a word I haven’t been called in quite some time. I should’ve known immediately, I guess, but…well, maybe it has made me dull. I never used to be this slow.



“- or Death. Which one you going by now?”

“They call me The Darkness. As in the singular. Like it?”

“Not really, kinda bleak. At least the others had some buzz.”

“It’s fitting. I encompass everywhere and I am everything without light. Fairly logical, as interpretations go, particularly where this place is concerned.”

“This universe.”

“My universe.”

Huh. You haven’t changed a bit. Still craving everything you don’t already have, because it belongs to them and not to you- a brat who breaks toys to make room for more. Because you can. You’ve never stopped.

“I must thank you. Will you accept it?”

“What for?”

“You know.”



Stop it.

“Won’t you look?”

“NO! I got too…close. It happens. Light doesn’t suit me, not this stuff. You know I-”

“-want to go home. I do know. You came to me begging to take those memories away, for any price, and I listened. Only I ever could.”

“Only you ever would.”

“…true. I will have you, mind and soul. I will take twilight’s sorry remains to the hell it craves.”

“Don’t call me that. I told you I gave that up, and what I’ll do if you don’t.”

“You would dare try it?”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“Ha. Such beauty your desperation has wrought, my love. The Guardian who tends light’s flock is led astray by the wolf, a homeless to be helped who cries in the dark- I’m sure they’d write a poem after you, my sweet wolf, if home even was. But there is no home now. We know.”

I’ve been here before, wanting just as much to silence that mouth. I hate it. HH didn’t deserve this. Neither did I. Nothing with even the slightest trace of mercy would do what this thing will do.

For a friend, oblivion was the least I could offer him. I hope he takes it while he still can. It’s surely better than listening to this c-



“You heard me, wolf. I want to see those fangs, one last time, before I take them for myself. You are unleashed. THE FLOCK AWAITS.”

“I’m no sadist. Take my friends, take my life, take my gift, but that alone I will keep!”

“Honor? You must be joking. You gave that away the moment you asked to die for me, to get away from all you had left to lose. You’ve already lost, already fallen. You can’t go back.”

“No more. Kill me NOW, or I’ll-”



“-who are you? How did you get here?”

Womble…what am I hearing? Where’s HH? And why are you dressed like that?

“Answer me, golden one. How did you get here?”





“-enough. Nibbles…I’m sorry…”



This will be over quick.






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