“What do you fear, little one?”**

Fear? Fear is the moment between stimulus and response, a short sharp power capable of temporarily dominating the mind.

“A wise one, to know there is nothing to fear but-“

Memory. The moment between stimulus and response, a short sharp power capable of temporarily dominating the mind.
Rather like our decorated friend Mr Dent, you are swayed by one side of the same coin. Both have the power to suppress the self and the power to destroy.

“Then your fear-“

Is memory, and my memory is fear.

“Tell me what my toxin has done. Tell me what you can see.”

My life. Thousands of moments at once in a collage to self history. Years of war survived by one man who was eventually shoved into insanity. I know the power in the hands of the broken minded Timelord. I remember him and I fear him.

“Let that fear in, little one. Let it cloud and seep. Feel you mind splinter and shatter like glass. It will hurt as much as you let it.”

He’s the one hurting though, the wounded veteran I’ve been carrying from the war ever since. So long as I keep him and his part in my mind under control, so shall I be. Remember him, fear him and never let him return.

“Oh, what a research case you shall make, little one.”

I’ll certainly try to make it…memorable for you.

“What are you-AAAAAAaaaAaaAaaAaaaaaAaAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Never let yourself inside my mind. You will not like what you find. Once seen, never forgotten, always feared.

You were not my first choice, Dr Crane. Of all the villains to corner me outside Arkham, there were preferred contenders for what is yet to come. I’m taking your fear toxin all the same. I doubt having a right hand of five syringes will be entirely practical, but I’ll make do. They worked on me, and for any infections from your needles, Dr Crane, I will hold you painfully responsible.

Now, I must find the four of them. Dick, Jason, Tim and Damien.

Let the Scarecrow meet the Robins.


*Don’t read too much into the title, I made up something combining the fear of memories with the fear of one self. You wouldn’t believe how many of the phobias on the internet aren’t real, just poorly structured Greek. Goes to show how much free time some people have, but perhaps I shouldn’t make that point too loudly.

**The sort of direct quote that could lead to “TheEvilWithin-ophobia. When a game deals with shifting planes of reality, you don’t need somebody questioning your existence in real life.


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