Visitation Rights

“Come on, where is it? Somewhere in this area, it has to be close.”

I’ve been saying this for centuries, I really do need to have a clear out in here. If not because one day I’ll have to return it to the Doctor then at least for my sense of sanity and not wishing to spend every remaining moment of my life looking for the remote. Heaven help (yet ignore) the man with the infinitely interior-ed spaceship. You know you’ve got problems when you find a broken Betamax crushing a Stradivarius. I think I was supposed to be delivering them both to the same person, but ah well, you lose things. In here, usually. Womble never did find his wallet, or his sense of continuity.

I’m stalling of course, trying to avoid the fact that I’ve just searched the same bloody storage locker twice.

“Aha!” One down, I’ve got my visitor’s ID, found looped around a bust of Pliny the Elder, no less. The sonic’s in my coat, fresh batteries found within. Now, I just need the, erm…”Exit Strategy.” We’ll need it. Or rather, he will. I will?
And last but not least, basically the main reason I’m going, a gift recently received from Womble. I’d have asked him how he knew, but “QUARK” goes a long way these days.

“Right then.” I’m ready. “Womble?”
… …

Oh, for…to quote a great man, can someone put a frickin’ bell on him or something? Entice me with a proposed trip to Gotham and then bugger off, well that is it, I will, I, I will, I…will go to Disneyland without him. Yeah, uh huh, that’ll show him.

Anyway. I seem jittery, am I jittery? It could be understandable, I’m allowed to be given I’ll soon be visiting the most dangerous asylum in history populated by those who greatly deserve to be there.

No, no that isn’t it.

More likely, it’s the one inmate in particular I’ll be visiting.

Do you know the regulations on issuing visitor’s ID cards? There’s only one, stating that the inmate and visitor must be related. Only one rule, and typically me, I broke it. I deemed him my grandfather.

Well, after all, it was easier than explaining regeneration…



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