…in the darkness, Womble’s eyes begin to flicker. The Jellyman yet awaits. This wait has lasted maybe five or six blog posts. But the wait is at an end. The Jellyman has gone too far- and The Womble has awoken to FINISH HIM…

Quark!! (Hot sauce/hot sauce/liquidation of The Force/taking niblets of your bowels/now I’m gonna fetch some towels/hot sauce/hot sauce/want some/no!/why of course/hot sauce/don’t you try it on a horse/hot sauce…hot sauce…)

Quark-quark!! (I’ve got a juicy little mango/but the chicken couldn’t tango/so I had to buy a cucumber instead/the only thing you’re gonna hate more- than a roasted Labrador- is when I take the bowl and smash it on your stupid jelly head!)

Quark!! (I am a poet/I was a spoon/I was an astronaut/I baked the moon/I served fajitas to the god of empty highways/asked him for advice/but then he ran away/he has a villa in Barbados…)

Quark! (Serve a hamster scotch and it will ask you for a takeaway/give a bull a watch and it will tell you how to seize the day/drive a fox to Rome and it will play you the trombone/they’re very natural with that instrument…)

Quark!! (Jelly/pay attention/I am pleasingly proportioned/you may bust a rhyme but you resemble an abortion/slap my ship and you will have to find a hole in hell/that’s small enough that I can’t pulverize your face from there as well!)

to be continued…


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