For a man who has defied it twelve times, it may sound a lie to say that I do not fear death. What is death, after all, but the ending to pain? All lifeforms share the same curse, to grow slightly weaker with every passing step. Death is not someone to fear, more someone to welcome – providing they don’t arrive early. Just don’t envy the long-living Timelords.

All that in mind, I can now safely say that I do fear what is beyond death, this waiting room between everlasting rest and the exact opposite, while Existence decides what to do with you. I suppose some may refer to reincarnation, here, but it only covers the before and after, much like regeneration. No one knows the bit in between.

Until now. And trust me on this, you don’t want to know.

It is, incredibly fortunately, a lot quieter now. I achieved my goal; billions of screaming, lost souls guided onwards, towards Life. So many lives that might not have been but are now defying all odds. I can’t explain regeneration and I certainly cannot explain this. But perhaps I am now father, or God, to all these new lives. And I can move on, content with who I am and what I can do.

Two problems.

With everyone now where they are supposed to be, nearly all the doorways have closed shut. I don’t have my own one, of course, I’m an intruder brought here via a freak of evolution. There is one, last gateway leading from this place, but I’d no sooner adopt my old name than go through there. Undoubtedly, one would lead to the other if I did.

Secondly, there’s “It”. Not Pennywise, but the last soul besides my own. It didn’t follow me like the others, not drawn to my one calm voice in a raging tide of confused fear. This one, the last one, is quite something. It seems driven by neither light not darkness, appearing to be both lost and found at the same time. If there is such a thing as an “aura”, then this thing certainly has one, showing the warmth, depth and chaos as a planet’s core.
It makes no sense, cannot exist and yet does so anyway…

…I think I know exactly who it belongs to…

Please let me, or Womble in the physical world, find a way back. His presence in reality might be enough of a beacon to follow. There’s no new life for me to find, after all, here’s hoping the old HH body wants it soul back.


I don’t want to be left with this other. If I’m right, this is not the version of them that I know.

I came here for heroics. I succeeded. Now this is something new I wasn’t prepared for.

Please. Let me out.



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