HH’s Heroics

HH will never rap again
HH will never rap again
HH will never rap again

I couldn’t find any paper on Womble’s ship so I summonsed the TARDIS and carved this reminder into one of the interior walls. He didn’t notice my absence; too busy psyching himself up for the biggest rap battle since Darth Vader versus Adolf Hitler.

Anyway, jovial references aside, I’m rather at a loss as to what to do next. The Jellyman was right. I should stick to being the hero, not the bard. Which led me to a new question: is life properly held by those who live it or those who depict it? The adventurer and the artist, seldom the same person.

Now, I need a moment to redeem myself, to stick to what I’m good at: exploring unknown regions of the universe, playing the hero and then grab some good food afterwards. But therein lies a problem, besides deciding which restaurant to visit.
I have reached a monumental age (1256yrs) where one heroic act preceding another can reduce the ones before it. Things I did while wearing my earlier faces look more like good deeds compared to what has occurred since. As much as this screams a personality complex of some kind – introducing, Timelord Syndrome! – I need to outdo myself, but…how?

I have saved countless lives, thousands of them, and brought an end to all manner of fights, conflicts and wars (save one, the Time War went to The Doctor.)
Perhaps the challenge is not to maintain the lives that already exist, but to save those that never lived in the first place.


In the never ending wheel of Life and Death, there must be two spokes dividing them. One is known best as Limbo. So what of the other? What world lies in the opposite direction, between Death and Life?

Trying to get his notion through the TARDIS’ navigation mainframe shall be an all new task of its own. Although there is no divine entrance to Life, Afterlife and Limbo, that I know of, I believe there may be a way into this potential fourth world. But it is a theory, nothing more. Revisiting Silent Plains could produce a whole other result that I’m not ready for…as well as a lot of dangerous flashbacks.

On that note, however, I am a Timelord. I have regenerated twelve times. Twelve times I have passed from a dying body into a new one. Thus, twelve times I have approached, if not seen, this opposite to Limbo.

That’s the stakes then. I need to replicate the necessary situation to achieve regeneration, hope to find this unknown fourth world and hopefully, hopefully, try and make it back.

Self-sacrifice. That’s my heroics.



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