“Impressive huh?”

I guess. Truly, I am lost for words.

“You wouldn’t believe the trouble I went through fixing it all up for you. I had to lie down afterwards. Me! Can you believe it?”

Oh I can. More or, unfortunately, less.

“It still works, you know. That was the hard part. They’re not meant to…you know…survive that kind of exposure, but it was easier than starting from scratch. Move about a bit. Make sure it feels right.”


“Now the other one…yep, all good as far as I can see. You’ll have to adjust, of course, but on the plus side at least your bits are all in the right kind of order. Imagine walking on all fours. No, no, I wouldn’t do that to you. Too much work to begin with, honestly.”

You poor thing. Next time I explode, I’ll be sure to feel sorry for you.

“Right…I think you’re ready…here.”

…alright, you can live.

“It’s waiting for you outside- third hangar on your right, I think. I personally haven’t touched it since you left. If anything’s missing, search the maintenance bots.”

Right! I’ll be off th- wait, let go! We’re done here already! Let go-

“How rude! Don’t you even want to know where your companion is…?”

I’ll find him. I always do. Now get the hell off me!

“What about the outfit?”

What about the damn outfit? It’s bright orange and it belongs on a shaolin monk. Don’t tell me this was the complete package!

“A thank-you would be nice.”

“I am not going to thank you for this !!”

…is what I meant to say. Unfortunately, however, it was in the wrong language- i.e. one that my current body has no way of applying practically.

Instead, I had to settle with “QUARK!” and make a run for it.

HH is gonna wet himself, I just know it…




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