Stop to Think

I rather thank Womble for his last two inputs*. They open the door for an idea I’ve been brewing for a while.

Okay, so the story so far, I have been attacked by a stranger, Womble has exploded and Alice has been left, somewhere. That is still happening. Time is simultaneous. This is most likely a HH from later on, or earlier before. Take your pick. I don’t mind which.

I just wanted to take a moment. To stop, think, reflect. We haven’t done this sort of thing for a while. It’s all been narratives and running and origin stories; I haven’t made anything new on Minecraft, Womble hasn’t drawn for a while.

And this does get to me. Because although I believe the big moments – Rapture, Lanipus, Mars, zombies etc. – do rather define people like us, they in turn are defined by the moments of peace in between. How do you know if you lead an exciting lifestyle if you can’t stop to think about it?

Hence, here we are.

I like the moments like these. I truly do. They lend perspective, or just five minutes of rest. Plus it makes us more (you think I’m about to say “human”) real. Yes, I’m a Timelord, with a time machine, reality-defying best mate and bizarre fashion sense. But I also take tea with two sugars. I read, a lot. I own about ten pairs of Converse. And I love to create “Walks” music playlists and just wander off without direction (but with drama, I’m still in the coat, you know.)

This is the real stuff. We all own these little bits of ourselves, like mine, and so rarely do we know them of other people. And this, for whatever reason, bothers me.

I found Womble asleep earlier. I never thought I’d see it. It’s a scene that doesn’t quite fit, like Thor returning library books. And yet, there he was, slumped in my armchair, knocked out and just that bit more…normal.

Anyway, I’ve had my moment. Time to get to get back to the proper stuff, get some answers (possibly) and perform the other half of my life.

So long as, every now and then, I get times like these.

From HH & W, universal powerhouses who are also partial to video games, the works of Terry Pratchett and the occasional spot of rum,


*Including, on a serious note, his tribute to the late Robin Williams. The world has, unfortunately, lost a truly great man. 


== Three posts in just a few hours, this is rather new ==


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