Watch this Space(&Time)

I’ll admit it, Womble really had me going there. Ten seconds into our latest visit and I thought we’d jumped back, again through Journey to Plastic Beach. To a time of three dimensions and random, unprovoked attacks from Bruce Willis. Why must deserts look so stubbornly similar?

Felt good to drive again, though. Especially in that kind of car. I may have kicked Womble out the driver’s seat a bit soon. But he did gain a guitar. I’m quietly wondering if he’d play it mid-flight. Imagine crashing through the dimensions to Jack White’s guitar solo from “Love is Blindness”. Aw, yeah.

Anyway, since the driving, music and plus one hitchhiker, there’s been TARDIS traveling issues. Hand brake, possibly. Or elbow, knee, shin or tongue brake, I don’t know. They’re all in there, somewhere, stopping…something. Tell me other people know their ships as badly as I. All I know is, we were stuck going through all the Februaries.*

Our new guest is as quiet as the last one. Alice, apparently. That got me far too excited; the prospect of a visit to the land of tea and smiling cats. Not quite. Maybe next time.

I know I joked about my TARDIS-taxi service before, but I’ve had time – lots, as ever – to think about it.

We are all on a journey, from the learnt into the unknown, across paths that can either entwine or never even come close to meeting. It just so happens that Womble and I turned it into a profession, and I feel a stupidly warm, content feeling when we happen to help people along on their journeys.

Maybe we can be the exceptions to Journey’s End. When all is absolutely said and done, someone has to lead the Boatman across. No-one should do it alone.

Yeah, random philosophy. No doubt brought on by having all this brakes-are-stuck free time devoted to reading some Kurt Vonnegut. I tell you, try and get through his stuff without even a little smidge of intelligent thought with extra depth.

Business will resume, as per usual, once I get the box moving again…and find out where/when we’re going…and ask Womble if he’s managed to get that answer from Alice yet…

Right. Not the laziest itinerary ever. Best get started.


*Never have I pluralised a month before. What was it, “Rule 31, enjoy the little things”?


**As our timeline drift has lasted a while, I also had time for a spot of Minecraft. Thought I’d make a small tribute to Futurama.***


***Because what kind of irony-loving sci/fi geek doesn’t like Futurama?


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