Drop Off

If I were one of those kind of people who indulge in a spot of Phenomenon-Spotting*,  I could cross out a rarity with downright satisfaction right now.

Faith Technology. I never thought I’d actually see it. Particles suspended in fixed existence by power of sheer dominating thought. Basically, because Towels knew how to keep a house that could never stay up in-tact, it did so. Building equipment, cement, bricks, mortar – not necessary when you just know how. Immense intellectual power and development. Like I said, I never thought I’d see it.

And now it’s my fault it’s gone. One little “I don’t know”, advantage: us, and the good Captain’s out. What we basically have sitting in my chair is a drooling leather sack wrapped in a towel. I think at his stage, all his brain power was a bunch of upright dominoes. All it took was a little flick.

Oh, and Womble isn’t happy. Funny how the right thing to do isn’t always the Right thing to do. As I’ve said, I didn’t see why he had to die as well, though looking at him now, I think even he’d disagree. Perhaps now the Faith is ended, his way of combating mortality will catch up with him.

As ever, I’ll make it up to you, Womble, after one little stop. I’m taking us to the Last Days Retirement Home-slash-Asylum. I don’t know which he needs more. Still, one rock darkened by the blood of two birds.

Besides, what else do you do with a Fallen God? Or, at least, the next best thing?

Sorry, Towels. For everything.


*Why should all the fun go to the bird, train and douche** varieties?

**Douche-spotting is very much a real thing I invented. Play it at the beach during a hot summer. Reaching a winner will not be easy.


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