Do you want to eat me?

…what the heck is HH doing? I thought he was with you?

Do you want to eat me?

No, actually. I’d rather not. Lord knows what’s lurking beneath that towel. And you’re avoiding the question. Is HH with you or not…?

Do you want to eat me…?


Do you want to eat me?

…shit. It’s you, isn’t it? You’re the one talking, not him. And you probably turned out the lights, too…oh damn…

Do you want to eat me…?


Do you want to eat me?

Great. I fire up the glowing stick, after HH very specifically mentioned that I should use it if I should find anything…and it turns itself off. Peachy. You wouldn’t happen to carry any batteries, Miss Freakish Wooden Effigy of Unknown Texture and Taste?

No*…do you want to eat me?

Shame- me neither. Don’t suppose you know where to find some?

Do you-

-right, right. I get it. You really want that answered. Can’t see any logic in it, but I do love your persistence. Apply that to world hunger and you’d be deified overnight.

Do you want to eat me?

Does anything else live in this place? I can’t say I expected anything at all besides the captain. Are you two friends?

Do you want to eat me?

…that ring does look familiar. Very familiar, actually. Did you buy it from the same place as, oh, what’s his n-?


Shit! Sorry. I didn’t mean to-


Freakin’…it’s the same, isn’t it? It’s just like his! What are you…?


This is messed up. I’m looking for a book, for Ned’s** sake. Just a book…unless…

Do YoU Want TO eaT Me!?!

…he’s changed things.

dO yOu wANT to EAt mE!?!

…he knew. Of course he knew. The human body isn’t designed to live forever. He had to find some way of bearing the weight of time…and it was there all along, standing beside him…since that day, he knew exactly what to do…

DO you WANT to EaT me?!?

…to think, I almost pitied him for being alone…

d yO wNt t et M…?



He was never alone.


*Proof that, freakish wooden effigy or not, a little humor is never amiss when you least expect it.

**Non-Existent-Deity. Being an atheist makes cussing something of an art-form, if you like to use colloquialisms.


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