The Nerd Song (a moment of complete spontaneity)

It’s alright to be a nerd…it’s not great,

I must confess I love the excess of a world that isn’t fake,

I’ll admit it’s rather dull without the kicks that minds create,

But I don’t quite feel like moving out,

It’s alright to be a nerd- drawing robots every day,

Until you meet someone that’s not and every sentence runs away,

Screaming fuck you fucking nerd they wouldn’t love you anyway,

When they saw your favorite things no matter what they heard you say,

It’s alright to be a nerd- because you’re always good enough,

You can kick some ass and save the world whenever it gets tough,

It might alienate your life from everybody but a few,

But if you make a friend it’s likely that they’ll think the same of you,

It’s alright to be a nerd- but I think I want to be a bit more,

Than every lonely fucker who ever hid behind a door,

Every antisocial smartarse- every self-inflating bore,

You assume your fucking intellect will satisfy the conversation more,

It’s alright to be a nerd- but I’m a little bit ashamed of it,

I want to talk with everyone I like- without the awkwardness,

Watching rugby on the sly- just to be reminded,

That being nerdy’s really quite fine,

If you don’t hide it,

I’m not the biggest nerd I’ve ever met- I’ll admit,

So if you think that I’m talking bullshit- my apologies,

I simply fancied writing up a chirpy nerdy fucking song,

’cause it’s alright to be a nerd,

Now to end…err, something- “song”…



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