Funny how life works- no sooner have I saved HH from impending librarianhood, than he sends me off to fetch a book. Do what you may, the librarian shall emerge regardless. And he’s given me his glowing wand thing. Who knows, maybe this is part of the TimeLord initiation shebang…I bloody well hope not…

He’s got the good captain smartarse off my back, though, which is nice. Now then…what am I meant to be looking for? Obviously I can’t ask.

It might not even be a book. This chump could just be the most boring lump of meat in the entirety of the universe. I might be looking for a sheet of paper, upon which is written “Born raised taught became a smartarse went crazy died from vitamin deficiency”.

That would explain a lot.

Then again, it could be the size of a freakin-


…this wand-thing…it just buzzed.

Right. Can’t say it makes any more sense now than when I last witnessed it buzz when HH was using it. It doesn’t translate well, that sound. Unless you speak in pure vibrato…there’s got to be a book on that somewhere around here…

…I can hear something, up ahead. Sounds like…wood. I think. Clunky, at least. Pretty sure it’s wood…

…I see a light. Looks kinda pale…I hope it isn’t a damn whale-tank again. Rapture aught to have a monopoly on those things, surely. They wouldn’t fit in anywhere else. Otherwise it’d be, I don’t know, copyright? Something like that…

Funny, though. I can hear that clunking again. It sounds kinda…hang on a sec.

…when did the lights go off?




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