HH’s back in the magic blue box again. Sooner or later I probably aught to stop calling it that, and have him label the damn name onto it.

I suck with names. Particularly if they don’t suit the thing in question. A honey badger does not look like a gentle sweet woodland animal; a far more appropriate name for it is Psychopathic Silver Mullet Weasel. And this box does not look like whatever it is that HH calls it. Not currently, at least.

He reckons it’s about time we met the chump who knows everything. Literally. I’m looking forward to it. Perhaps he can give this box a name I’ll remember. Or at least knows of one.

By the looks of it, it’s going to be quite the journey. I’ve been given an hour to spend alone, whilst my companion waves his stick and talks Prism Juvenile* in hushed tones. Possibly with the suggestion of lollipop.

With that in mind, I think it’s time I got down to the jolly old business of doing bugger all until he’s done. ‘phones on, arse down. Nothing like it. So long I stay on the roof of this thing, I should be fine. Wouldn’t want to risk something like Rabbit Land again.

Seems like a different world with headphones on. Life takes a back-seat. You can shut your eyes and pretend it isn’t there, or keep watch and see the rhythms play out.

…I wonder who discovered music. You don’t see chimps producing it. Somewhere down the genetic line, someone somewhere decided they wanted to hear certain sounds, and maybe figured out how to make them. If only for the pleasure of hearing them again. And the feeling stuck.

Kinda amazing, that. We can’t all agree on what registers as a good sound, but we can pretty much all agree to make time for it. Which is pretty impressive for a bunch of manufactured sound-waves. 

Ah…it’ll be over, soon enough- as a fictional kid once said, there’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want. I guess it’s fair…

…although I’m damned if I’m giving these back.


*”Juvenile” is a term frequently attached to whatever gibberish adults spout when talking to life forms that won’t be able to discern such gibberish from actual language. Typically this refers to babies and pets, although every so often couples do it between themselves too.


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