I don’t know everything.

Unlike other Timelord brethren out there, I don’t play the part of know-it-all, through real knowledge or a damn fine impression. I have my experiences, my wit and my instincts. Keeps me honest, modest and travelling.

I enjoy not knowing. There are those who loathe the words “find out next time”; who lose the ability of blinking and breathing during a sequel’s trailer; who enjoy an occasional online conspiracy fest.

The enjoyment, I find, is in the unknowing. How did he survive the fall off the building? How does the last book end? Did that infuriating dreidel topple?
Cliffhangers and magic tricks share the same problem: worthlessness on the ending side of an explanation. The amount of Episode Ones that lose entertainment value when all is revealed in Episode Two.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good Reveal too. (Less so with magic tricks.) But I can get through the wait quietly. Perfect time to sit back, have a think and let in some Imagination.

“Ignorance is bliss”…for some. Mind-buggering hell for others.
To enjoy both the Trick and the Reveal. How very “the glass is halfway” of me.

I’d like to visit The Man Who Knows Everything. A living genius or very convincing impressionist. Womble and I can investigate. One of those ‘see how the other half lives’ kind of visits.

Perhaps he could see us for what we really are. Or even what the universe is all about, for that matter. I bet someone would love a development on ‘forty two’.

Me, I’m just in it for the experience.

…and maybe a good soufflé recipe*


* Lord of Time, tick. Lord of Getting Damn Puddings to Rise, no. I don’t know everything.


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