“You have one new message. Repeat, you have one new message…”

And so it goes. Of all the things that HH forgot to include, it just had to be instructions on how to turn the bloody thing off. Unfortunately, I can’t just throw the wretched thing away, because it’s the only genuine ticket I have out of here. Narcotic-induced depravity sounds rather delicious right now, I must say, though.

If only I could use this contraption before me. It fires rivets. Have you ever been hit by a rivet? It stings like crazy. Doesn’t leave much left in passing, either; it goes in, comes out, and all of a sudden you’re leaking stuff everywhere. Great for clearing out a Rapture house-party though.

Now, the really important thing about rivets, the clever bit, is that they join bits of pieces together. Fix things. That’s what I need to do. This place is filling up. Fix things. Fix it. Fix that. Fix it. But how? I can’t lift this contraption I see before me.

I’m trying not to look. The less I see of it, the better. But it’s a pretty big elephant. I can’t clean myself of it, even if I tried. These hands tore it to pieces. Like a doll.

Maybe that’s what it would have done. To her, to me, to anyone. It certainly tried. Franc’s going to laugh his face off. I’ve been seeing him a lot lately. I could do with a tab, at this rate, or some kind of membership card.

To be honest, I don’t know what HH will say. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth- I shouldn’t have done it.

But how could I not?

Neither of us understood how it happened in the first place. I saw that clear enough, before the lights went out and it stopped struggling. For a moment, I saw a man- the child was his, I think. He could not understand why she saw him for a stranger. He reacted the only way he knew how…

It was probably fitting that he died at these hands. These aren’t natural, either. They freakin glow, all violet and scaly. Went through the plating in seconds. It’s all up my arms, too. I feel like a bloody science project.

They helped out in the end, though. I can only hope this chump saw that. He ended his life fighting for his child.

Maybe that was enough.



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