If there were ever an appropriate time to leave my Sanity behind, right now could work.

I kneel beside a body of metal, a demonic child sobbing beside me. I have no words to comfort her; and fear to even touch her pallid skin.

Like her, I have shed a tear for the fallen guardian. There was enough time to scan his mind before he passed.

It all came down to choices, and the lack therein. Again. Twice in less than an hour, I learn more of humanity’s cruel experimentations. Take a man, merge him with metal and genetically bond him to a child. There’s no need for ‘love’; it’s all relative on a molecular level.

And the man doesn’t even mater. She’s the walking ADAM factory, the living embodiment of Rapture’s currency. He’s just a bodyguard, and I’ve seen the production lines down here. There’s no other word, Big Daddies are disposable. I could sit here and another would walk past soon enough. He’d fall, with no choice in the matter, and only one person would care.

Speaking of which…

The girls’ still here. I know my own choices now open to me; the mask showed me before. I can see the actions, the benefits and the repercussions of each. A choice is better than none, didn’t someone say, no matter what the outcome?

I feel the same as Ryan’s son and Big Daddies right now; I don’t even have choice. I have neither the ability to rescue the girl, nor…I can’t even consider the alternative. Just like that, I have to take the last option.

I walk away.

I need to find Womble and get out of here. I’ve had nothing from his TARDIS key, I’d better send him a message. Please let me find him, alive and safe. This trip has been far hard enough already.

She’s still crying…



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