Rapture really is just one, long nightmare.

I left the void of family issues and power struggles that was Ryan’s office, forced my way out of the shell of Hephaestus and managed to wander right into some more warfare.

On one side: the usual red-splattered, fancy-dressed, nonsensical lunatics…excuse me, locals. On the other: one of the drill-wielding diving suits, and his ‘daughter’. Chemical warfare at its most extreme.

I must say, these metal men, the ‘Big Daddies’ are just incredible. To utilise such energy and speed when your hand’s a drill and you’re over 70% metal is beyond belief. Yet here they are, taking out Splicers like it’s just another day. This one, the ‘Bouncer’, he’s definitely worth a sonic-scan. Just a little one.

Okay…that was a mistake. A typical “don’t press the red button” moment. No sooner than my finger presses the sonic’s switch, Big Daddy turns with eight, red LED lights glaring at me. Then the drill starts spinning.

My feet are tearing me away, long coat flapping, before I even realise it. The massive dentist crashes along behind me, spurred on by cries of “Unzip him, Mr B! UNZIP HIM!” from the little one. I’ve been chased by a great deal of things, but this particular sprint will stick with me.

As I run, my mind’s on PANIC settings desperately clutching at anything resembling a plan. There’s no negotiation this time, no clever way out. There’s only the last solution. The least I can do is make it quick.

One thing I will admit in Rapture’s favour: brilliant for scroungers. (Funnily enough, given their strong disposition against parasites.) But there’s always something lying around; bullets in bins, health kits under staircases…or a grenade launcher on a work bench. Thank you Hephaestus.

Grabbing the weapon comes close to another drill rush from ‘Bubbles’. His attack keeps him travelling, a good distance away when one is without damage immunity. Three blasts in quick succession, hiding the guardian in a burnt cloud of smoke, from within which, he roars. In that moment, I get the chance to snatch up some proximity mines from a nearby desk.

Bubbles lunches at me again; I ungainly slide over the same desk and crumple behind it. Buzzing noises come from somewhere behind me: two security bots arriving to check out all the ruckus. I must have set off one of those cursed cameras during it all; still, each bot gets a sonic-induced hack and a proximity mine each. The noise of the sonic brings Daddy back around, as I launch into one last sprint away. My green-lighted bots swoop at him, I launch another grenade in the mix to be sure…

My silent thanks to the architects of Rapture. The explosion knocked me and a considerable amount of metal flying; but no extra leaks to report. Only a whimper came from the bang; a whine, a pitching shriek. Then, a crash of metal on metal.

I pick myself up, all dust and smoke clears, and before me is one ex-parent. Its ‘offspring’ weeps at his side, her sobs ands voice echoing. I find myself patting the outer shell of the protector. Time to retry the sonic scan. I truly hope this is worth it.



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