Ever had a flash-forward? A glimpse of a very possible event, in the distant-or-occasionally-not-so-distant time to come? I have. Now. Thank god he didn’t say it. I don’t know where I’d begin. Or how I’d end. I guess he caught onto that- for which I am eternally grateful.

Still, I wish he’d told me what “Rapture” is. There was such drama in his voice, I didn’t fancy asking at the time, but now that we’re here I’m sort of lost.

From the inside it looks like an aquarium designed by Guillermo Del Toro, if he’d got himself stuck in the 1950s working for Ayn Rand. It’s a capitalist’s wet dream. There’s literally water everywhere. And everything’s kind of…glitzy. Damaged, though. Like a disused fairground that someone’s powered back up. I see bronze, gold, marble and decay.

There’s some chump called Andrew Ryan living here. Sounds like a preacher. I see his name on the walls occasionally. Usually written in blood. He’s supposedly the ruler of this place, which is odd. I’ve never been anywhere so devoid of existing rules before. Anything, apparently, goes. I hear voices everywhere. None of them seem to be following the same conversation.

To be honest, I’m not all that sure why HH’s dropped us here. I’ve already had my fill of deranged retro-heads. It’s full of junk too. Whoever planted bins around here was fighting the apocalypse. Crisp packets lurk beneath every surface. Bottles exist around every corner. I’ve seen more needles than I can count. And I’m starting to believe that Rapture is one ingredient away from externalizing the ideals of papier-mache hell.

The locals don’t seem to care. They’ve got bigger problems. Someone invited them all on a night out, years ago, and I guess it hasn’t stopped. They’re still in fancy dress. And everyone’s a bit violent. First one I met nearly ripped me in half. Turns out they’re religious here too.

I’ll have to ask HH what ADAM is. These people are nuts about it. They sing to it. They fight over it. They scream at it. Some sort of drug? A deity? Maybe a boy-band.

Whatever it is, it’s driven them mad. I’d best find HH. He may have been here before. In fact, I know he has.

I really hope he knew what he was doing.

The last thing I need right now is an encounter with Louis Walsh.



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