When It Stops Raining


…people can destroy you. That’s what I know most. They can raise you up, and make something you never thought could exist, but they can also hurt in ways you never could imagine. You can erect all the walls you want, and tell yourself that you are safe in the obsolete.

  You can tell yourself that the opinions of others don’t matter. That you don’t need anyone else. But you can never truly hide. You can never truly be safe. Interaction is necessary for survival. You cannot close your heart forever.

  Time and time again, I am burned. This is not my world. It never was. And it hurts to know that I was wrong. It hurts because one more name has lost all warmth to me, and it hurts because they will never even care that I am gone. I am drowning in the rain that never falls.

  I pray that my heart will stop beating for them. I pray that I forget what it felt to be their friend. I pray that there will be an ending. When it stops raining, I pray that I will break these walls again…



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