The world is a dizzy mess right now. I can’t feel my feet. Do I even have feet? Oh right. I think so. I think those are my feet. They don’t seem to belong to anyone else. Why are they twitching like that? Do you see it? See the way they- hello?

Oh. I forgot. Guess I didn’t mean to do that. Sorry. I…I don’t know. Well, I do. I sort of do. I just can’t…explain it. Not right now. I didn’t want to. But you woke up. You saw things.

I can’t let you do that, you know? I don’t want to see things. Neither should you. But you wanted to. You do want to. I know. You can’t stop being you. Being you didn’t work out this time. That’s all. I had to do it. Someone did. The lights aren’t out for good. I just hid them away for a while. They’ll come back. I know they will. I’m not a killer.

I had to do…what I do. I’ve got no choice. You can’t die. Not you. I need you to fly the box around for me. It won’t work for me, you know. We can’t all jump back and forth and back and forth and spin rings around the universe, dog and ball, just like that. We can’t control destiny, or pierce time. We’re not all surgeons.

Now you, you’re…well, I don’t know what you are. A doctor? A scientist? A holy man, sent by the divinity of god to shepherd the meek…? I don’t know. I don’t know what you are, or how you do it. I can’t let you die, though. No, that wouldn’t do. I don’t want you to. Not yet. Maybe not ever.


Ha. Before you know it you’ll be good as new. The lights are coming back now. Sure is handy having…you know. A back-up. Is there another one, I wonder. Could be. Could be.

Ah, I hear it. Good. That’s good. About time. Best I get fixed up too.

Time I met Franc.



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