Staring at the Earth got boring after a while. Watching a planet revolve isn’t unlike watching a long running soap opera. Your attention span gets weaker and weaker until you find yourself wishing something would happen. Sunrise over 77thC Japan. Woo-hoo.

I took to following the timeless Womble around instead. Never thought the ‘Traveller and Companion’ roles would shift in such a way, but then I always travel to see new things. Like seeing a walking time enigma introduce himself to Martians. Sometimes I find myself in desire of a camera.

Although he went weird earlier. Womble, that is, not the local. Many years of trying to abate claustrophobia on Mars is going to set your ‘Odd Levels’ rather high and stick them there, I’m afraid.

No, Womble took a funny turn of his own. Passed a window with a view of Earth and stopped to monologue. I caught something about lines and scars; human’s influence on that blue-green speck and raining. Like so many other times with him, confusion desired to show its face, but I’ve at least learnt something. No idea still of where Womble’s been and where he’s going, but I think I’m finally beginning to grasp that all important “Why?”

Still, whatever his mission/purpose in life, I doubt we’ll find it here. Everyone else is too preoccupied with standing in the dead centre of a room, and in any case, they’ve already shadowed Mars’ surface with this freaky fishbowl. If Womble is a member of Timeless-Greenpeace or something, the current locals won’t land on his ‘good list’ either. I wonder who else resides on that list?

I’ll give Womble another half an hour or so of run around, and then pick the next destination to get us out of here. I can but hope he doesn’t cause a lot of trouble in his last thirty minutes spent here…



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