Note: We do appear to like titular doublets…

I remember when rabbit man first told me his name. Bit unusual, to be honest. Can’t say he ever struck me as a straight “Homeless Helper”. I mean, he helped me. And I don’t have a home. So it makes sense.

But most people are something totally unrelated to their actual names. What does the word “Nigel” indicate? It’s like a new language. I imagine that somewhere, in time and in space, there is a culture that knows the meaning behind names. Like what the heck “rhino” manages to describe about a walking bag of meat with one particularly pointy sharp bit and a history of excessive violence.

Maybe I should get rabbi- I mean, Homeless Helper* -to send us there. He’ll know where it is. He found me a world full of Womble-eating-rabbits and a train that serves steak. He could probably find anything.

I hope he avoids gods, though. When large numbers of people have argued for decades over the existence of one, it’s probably a bad idea to show up with twelve. Knowing my companion, he’d probably leave once he’d dropped them off at what he thought was an accepted parking bay.

I guess I should stop him from picking them up in the first place. After all, humanity has evolved by constantly looking to unknown for answers.

I really, really don’t think it’d appreciate getting them all at once.


*Since his last entry, Womble has been threatened by Homeless Helper with the possibility of visiting Lanipus again unless he ceases calling him Rabbit Man. As Womble now knows just how long it takes to wash the smell of carrot tequila out of a leather jacket (answer: a very bloody long time), he has decided to abandon the nickname for good…until he can come up with a better one, that is.


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