“What is it that we all so truly fear?”

To me, the effects of alcohol do not allow the drinker to look upon the world without fear; it allows them to look upon the world truthfully and naturally.

Under influence of that most repeated poison, at just the right amount, I believe a person can become what is truly “themselves”. It does have to be the correct level, mind, otherwise everyone’s a slurring idiot who punches walls, sings, dances, picks up litter or gives street-beggars sweets.

No, that right amount of alcohol where the person just won’t shut up, THAT is them. Their inhibitions take time off, their mind opens and the mouth along with it. When drunk, only then does the truth come out and reveal the person who hides behind modesty, shyness or, in some cases, just lies.

So maybe that’s it then. What we all truly fear; not some basic, universal thing like death or loneliness.

Perhaps our greatest fear is, simply: speaking our minds, to the fullest extent.

Which doesn’t help matters, as it just leads to a new question. The little question which bothers anyone and everyone:




On a less philosophical note, the adventures of Homeless Helper and Womble/Timelord and Timeless will continue as normal once the steaks-train pulls out of the ‘Deep-Thinking-Desert.” The steaks, as ever, have been phenomenal.


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