…it always wonders me that we give such value to alcohol. It is a drug, a chemical, formed of other chemicals, and unremarkable without value. It is a poison. Yet kings price it above households, and the lowest citizen seeks to imbibe it with greater exuberance than they do to rise up each morning.

It is a tolerated affliction. Mankind delights in abasing itself with this unnecessary poison, which has taken root in civilized culture like a fungus. We embrace the chaos of a temporary oblivion. We cannot escape it. To turn away is to see it’s ugliness, until you embrace it once more to see the faces only it provides.

Who are we to say that we are indeed civilized? Our minds are citadels, our thoughts analyzed at every turn. We require a diminished state of being before we can look outside without fear.

What is it that we all so truly fear…?



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