Behind the Bunny Mask

Bigger-on-the-inside pockets. Fantastic idea, can spin a thief’s head, but my GOD, not great in a hurry. I’d spotted Timeless emerging from a tunnel – my warnings of digging-based animals gone unheeded, no less – and decided on a little experiment.

I’ve been carrying around something new for a while now. Something I picked up from a very deep place I’d been meaning to show Timeless. A mask; a rabbit mask, more specifically. And if you have a rabbit mask and don’t use it in the middle of an army of ravenous rabbits, then you aren’t very imaginative. Or maybe you’re too busy trying to wrestle the damn thing out of your long coat’s massive pockets. Stupid “All-Eventualities” planning. Torch, sewing kit, eggs, seeds, dessert recipes, alligator scales and, of course, a map of the London Underground.

I truly hope I haven’t lost it. It took me a great deal of work to even get it; and even more for the upgrade I gave it. I managed to get a psychic print off everyone who ever touched the mask, and fixed it to mix the prints into the psychology of anyone who wears it afterwards. In short, it would have been a great day for research…if I hadn’t been distracted by a passing red giant, or a seventy-ninth century game of mega-scrabble. I never remember.

Well, either I’ve got a hole in my super pockets, or Timeless has been going through my stuff. The mask has appeared at my feet, just seconds before Timeless becomes tomorrow’s ‘Not-so-Vegetarian’ option. Here goes nothing. Mask on…

ADAM. ADAM-ADAM-ADAM. Apples, bite them, come, bite the apple…

Parasite, man, slave, choiceschoiceschoices


“We can see you, y’know! You’ll have to fight me for him. I’ll teach you your place!”

Lies. He lied. He promised us salvation, a new Eden…

“Come here now! Stop wasting my time, you horrid monsters! Are you afraid of me, monsters?”


“Animals. Every one of them. They talk, talk, talk, but in the end, they’ve got nothing to offer society.”


“You think you can take what you want? BEASTS!”

HARVEST/RESCUE. She’ll die, more. She’ll live, less.


I took down her father. I deserve it…

“Filthy, filthy, filthy, don’t like them when they’re filthy!”


“Run! That’s all your kind can do, isn’t it! That’s all your kind is good for! RUN AWAY!”


“That won’t work for long!”

I hop. I hop. I never get off the ground. The ears. They won’t come off. Cursed. Take them off! Please! TAKE THEM OFF!


…mask off.

Timeless stands over me, the mask in his hand, wearing the first look of concern I’ve seen on him. But he has saved my life, undeniably.

The mask was something else, something new. And far too much for me. So many minds, occupying my own. Every single one of them mad.

So Timeless saved me. I tell him so, and thank him for it. He shrugs modestly, and offers to give the mask back. But I deny it. I’ve no real desire to return to such a deep level of madness, and just maybe, Timeless’ infinite complexity can find a new angle on it. I just hope his pockets are big enough.



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