I Am God


…a single loss can change everything.

Think about it. In a game, you will do anything to avoid this loss. That is generally the purpose. If it isn’t, it’s because there is still yet something to gain from losing; a lesson that can be then learnt, or a slight advantage in an even bigger game- a game that matters more than the game that you choose to lose. Perhaps even the satisfaction of being involved in the experience of a game worth playing.

If you do not choose to lose, however, you change how you react to the game. You either decide to get better at this game, and concentrate more, or you stop playing it entirely.

There is no neutral reaction to a loss. And there is always a reaction.

When a loss is made, it can lead to thousands more. The loss of a king can lead to the loss of his empire, the loss of his values, and the occasional loss of control as others attempt to wield it. The loss of a penny can lead to the loss of a pound, as the owner continues to be careless with their money, and eventually the loss of their entire livelihood.

Alternately, a single loss can lead to further acquisition. The loss of a king can lead to the acquisition of power by another, which results in the acquisition of greater human rights for the poor and the acquisition of improved well-being as the empire collectively prospers under their rule. The loss of a penny can lead to the acquisition of a handful, or a “Thank-you” from the owner of the hat.

A single loss can change anything.

One time, it did…

…do I regret it?

On that, I remain uncertain.

But it certainly was the most powerful I have ever been.



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